17 Arrested For Attacking Police Station

17 Arrested For Attacking Police Station

Police in Monrovia have confirmed the arrest of 17 suspected ‘criminals ‘for allegedly killing a man yet to be identified by police and also vandalized a police depot in Grand Gedeh County. The incident, according to police crime updates, occurred in the Barteajan Gold Mining area.    Police investigation established that a 19-year old Ivorian national, Deny Drilana and the alleged dead man got into a fist fight which left him unconscious.

According to the police, following his unconsciousness, he was taken to the Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh for treatment.

The police said the suspected ‘criminals’ thought that their friend, who fell unconscious was already dead; prompting them to besiege the police station.

The report revealed that the angry vandalized the police station and allegedly took custody of the Ivorian national and murdered him.

In another development, police said a man identified as Alfred Dennis is undergoing criminal investigation in Nimba County for the brutal murder of a woman identified as Victoria Dennis.

Suspect Dennis, who is a resident of Beawalay, Nimba County allegedly beat his wife, Victoria for extra sexual affairs and was taken to the Tappita Hospital, where she was pronounced dead by doctors upon arrival.