IMF Boss Calls For Increased Advocacy For Women

By Antoinette Sendolo

The head of the International Monitoring fund (IMF), Madam Christine Lagarde has stressed the need for increase in advocacy for Women’s rights and empowerment in the country.

Visiting the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), Madam Lagarde said women and girls have a major role to play in the development of any nation and as such, the women of Liberia must be empowered if Liberia will be fully recovered.

The IMF boss said now that Liberia has won the fight against the Ebola virus, more needs to be done to improve the living standard of women and girls and also to ensure that they reach their full potential, adding that the low education of women caused many citizens to fall prey to the virus because the women were the ones providing health care services for their families.

“Women were the ones who were caring for their sick relatives during the virus outbreak and because the virus was new to the country and they were not educated, many people lost their lives,” Madam Lagarde added.

She used the occasion to recognize the YWCA’s role in the fight against the virus stating that the YWCA played a keen role in helping to educate and protect women and girls from contacting the virus.

“My visit here today is for me to salute the YWCA of Liberia for its leadership role played in the Ebola crisis. I am proud of this institution, I must admit,” the IMF boss stated.

At the same time, the National General Secretary of the YWCA of Liberia, Madam RoselineToweh, said the presence of the IMF boss was a milestone and a great achievement for her institution on grounds that it was the first time ever in the History of YWCA for a head of the IMF to pay a visit to any of the YWCA offices in Africa.

“We appreciate your visit and hope this will not be the last time. We also appreciate your efforts and contribution towards the works of the YWCA of Liberia in meeting the needs of our vulnerable and war affected women and girls,” Madam Toweh asserted.

The Young Women Christian Association is women-oriented organization aimed at promoting the rights of women and girls in Liberia.