Lone Star Must Win!!!

THE SENIOR NATIONAL team of Liberia, Lone Star is expected to go against Tunisia tomorrow in the second match of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

THE CRUCIAL MATCH will be played at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia, is the senior national team’s first match after the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in Liberia.

THE MATCH IS crucial because a win for Liberia’s Lone Star will put the team in contention for the 2017 Africa Cup of nations qualifier with three points equalled with Tunisia.

THEREFORE, LONE STAR must win to dedicate the victory to hundreds of Liberians who fell prey to the deadly Ebola virus.

A WIN FOR Lone Star will boost the team’s quest for qualification to the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon.

ADDITIONALLY, LONE STAR’S victory will also serve as a boost for the country’s football development. Hence, the team must win this Saturday to encourage the Liberian government to give more support with the recent donation of a new ambulance to the Liberia Football Association.

THE MUSA BILITY-LED administration of the LFA has done well for Liberian football, and as such, a win will further boost his mission to take Liberian football to a better level.

LONE STAR PLAYERS must ‘do or die’ on Saturday because a win will lift Liberia’s ranking on the FIFA monthly ranking because Tunisia is a top rated country in football.

WE PLEAD WITH the players to win tomorrow and dedicate the victory to goalkeeper Nathaniel Sherman who was involved in an accident and would therefore, miss tomorrow’s game.

EQUALLY, LIBERIANS MUST rally support around Lone Star players, especially the foreign-based players who travelled long distances to sacrifice for mama Liberia.

SOME ARE FROM Israel, Malaysia, Spain, Cyprus, South Africa, Holland, Qatar and other parts of the world to make sure that Liberia gets the maximum three points against Tunisia.

Victory for the senior national team of Liberia, Lone Star, and Lone Star all the way!