Woods Concerned About Migrant-Refugee Crisis In Europe

Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods, II says the World should be ashamed of the Human Tragedy taking place in Europe.

He has urged the United Nations and the European Union to convene an Emergency Security Council meeting to address the horror of refugees trooping into Europe.

Western Leaders and Governments must share some blame for their misadventure, miscalculations and intervention in Syria, Libya, Iraq and other countries. The residual effect of these interventions is now being felt around the world. The world is now challenged to find solutions rather than stand in silence!

Woods who was speaking via telephone with a journalist based in Brussels and referred to his Human Rights Day Speech delivered on December 10, 2010 in The Hague when he predicted these developments. He on December 10, 2010 is quoted below as saying:

The universal application of respect for the rule of law is lacking and democratic entitlements are constantly jeopardized. In Europe, the desire and pursuit of materialism compels the state to pander to right-wing and neo-conservative thinking as the way of finding solutions to their problem. This alternative is reversing the historic gains that Europe has made as a forerunner for modern state development. The so-called Fortress Europe is fastly becoming “Dante’s Hell”.

The People of Europe know too well that the Island of Paradise that you seek to create can disappear in a sea of anarchy, as your prosperity will never benefit you if it is achieved at the expense of human dignity. This is what I refer to as the Western and Eurocentric Tragedy: Human rights in the West and particularly in Europe are under threat and in retreat. The rise of rightist and so-called populist movement continues to feed on insecurity and indifference.

Your core values and those values that brought honor and respect to your nation are being negated. This is a historic tragedy for a continent whose history is built on refuge and terrible experience of violence. Where is the Spanish Nunca Mas!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!! This society needs the real human rights defenders to stand up.

My Dear Friends, I am in Europe and must therefore speak truth to Europe on this International human rights day. If the treatment to the Dalit in India is wrong, the TWA in Central Africa and other minorities around the world are inhumane then we must in this day and age condemn the treatment of the Romas in Europe and their expulsion from France. We must not remain silent in the face of ethnic separation and genocidal acts reminiscence of Jewish alienation during the Second World War and the experience of Sudan’s Darfur.

All decent men and women, the churches and religious communities, the media and governments must frown on this tragedy in Europe. The European conscience is being challenged and my message to you today is to seek redemption. Years ago, it took a European Minister to lecture our governments in Africa about human rights. On this day, an African Minister will tell you that your act against asylum seekers, the Romas and others are wrong. You are on the wrong side of history.

Your treatment of strangers tells a lot about your civility. Those who fail to demonstrate leadership and conviction when their values are challenged fail the test of conviction and conscience.

This is what the Human Rights Lawyer said on December 10, 2010 in The Hague. Few years later the unfolding developments in Europe reveal that he was right in his predictions.

Meanwhile, Attorney Woods has indicated that he has contacted the European Justice and Peace Network and other Human Rights Organizations based in Europe on the need to begin a campaign to address this issue.