Two LAC Employees Win Over L$2 M From Winners Inc.

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Two employees of Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC), Sylvester Wounuah and Eric Robinson, yesterday won over L$2 millions from Liberia’s best Sport Betting Company, Winners Incorporated in Monrovia.

Speaking at the press conference, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Winners Incorporated Sport Betting Company, Mr. Yacob Batshow said he was very happy to see customers winning huge money from his company.

Mr. Batshow added that the Management of Winners Incorporated gave customers chance to bet small money and win big money and the act of customers winning from his company is a great promotion for the company.

“We hope more people will win in the future because that is the reason why we are here and this type of winning makes business grow and will also make Liberian people happy,”he said.

According to him, he wants to see customers winning big amounts from his company and he wants to see how people look at his company. He said sometimes people win or lose; this is a whole idea of the game and over the past years, his entity had been the best and pleases customers at all times.

He told journalists that the Management of Winners Incorporated has good human relations with customers and entertains them to understand the game. He explained that people love his company in Liberia based on the good services rendered to customers and sport lovers.

“Let me tell you people that Winners Incorporated is committed to serving sport lovers, customers and Liberians as well and winning over L$2 million is a big achievement because it will do good for Liberians, ”he expresses joy.

Also speaking, the Marketing Manager of Winner Incorporated, Randall Kaybee, has lauded the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yacob Batshow for the great opportunities given to Liberians. He said he will continue to seek the interest of customers and sport lovers in the country.

He congratulated the two employees of Liberia Agriculture Company for winning over L$2 million from his entity and urged them continue with betting process.

Meanwhile the two winners have congratulated the Government of Liberia for allowing Winners Incorporated to do sport betting in the country because it is helpful to Liberians.

“We are very happy to win such huge amount from the company and urge others in the country to do their sport betting Winners Incorporated because Winners is very sincere in handling customers and seeks their interest and motivate them to bet, ”the lucky winners stated.

It can be recalled that since Winners Incorporated incepted its operation in Liberia, many Liberians have won huge amount of money from the company. Besides, the company has employed young Liberians and building human resource capacity for young Liberians.