“Street Child” Probes “Sexual Harassment” Claim

By Antoinette Sendolo

The acting Country Director of Street Child Liberia, Mr. Kerkular Benda has disclosed that his institution is currently investigating an alleged sexual harassment case involving two of its employee’s whose names are withheld.

Speaking to reporters at Street Child Liberia office in Monrovia, Benda said the management recently received an allegation of sexual harassment from one of its female field staffs against a senior staff member something which he said is unacceptable.

“A meeting was held last week involving management, the accused, the complainant and representatives of the complainant. At the conclusion of the meeting it was understood that the matter was resolved but unfortunately, the complainant restated her complaint early this week and the organization has reopened its investigation on the issue,” Benda explained.

According to Street Child’s acting Country Director, the organization regrets the fact that the complainant has chosen to discuss her grievance with the media as opposed to internal channels.

“The organization does not view it proper to make public comments on the majority of the claims made by the complainant or its handling of them, while they are still being investigated,” he further narrated.

Meanwhile, the management has taken a decision to grant the accused a leave of absence to provide him time for the due process of law to take its course.