Dr. Wiles Frowns On Gov’t Tax Payment System

Dr. Wiles Frowns On Gov’t Tax Payment System

By Varney K. Sirleaf

A prominent Liberian Real Estate Entrepreneur, Dr. Isaac Wiles has decried the Liberian Government’s policy on the payment of real estate tax.

Dr. Wiles told the INQUIRER Newspaper in an interview that he owes the government of Liberia his real estate tax which he went to Ecobank to pay where he was told to go through a strange process if he wanted to pay his taxes.

“When I got to Ecobank, I was told to open an extra account and deposit some money and that the government in turn was going to deduct the taxes I owe; but to maintain that account, I need to pay US$3 dollars to the bank every month,” Dr. Wiles explained.

The Real Estate owner further stated that the bank is supposed to give him one ATM Card once he opens the extra account, but said he does not want any ATM Card.

Dr. Wiles also said that he is still wondering as to how can a government enforce a public policy that is strange to the citizens; stating that there was no public awareness in changing the previous one.

He said the new process is a way of driving citizens away from paying taxes, stating, “How will the man who is in the hinterland go through such a strenuous process just to pay government taxes?”

“Now I have seen clearly why government is finding it difficult to generate the proper revenue; it is because of all these kinds of bureaucratic policies made by the government,” he angrily stated.

Dr. Wiles said there is too much hardship on the people; therefore government should not create other means to add more suffering on them.

“Paying government taxes should not be difficult at all; government should make things easy for people who are willing to pay taxes,” he warned. He concluded by appealing to government to use flexible methods in collecting taxes.