In Super BOSAC’s In House March: Team-A Records 2nd Win

After falling to the mighty Team-B of Super BOSAC in four marches, Team-A returned strong against the Champ (Team-B) on Sunday with a 3-0 win over their rival.

The march was a do-or-die one as both teams displayed spectacular football tactics at the Bardnersville Soccer pitch. Team-B which is being headed by Mr. Pegee Wright and captained by Jeremiah Tweh is believed to be the strongest team in BOSAC In-House marches. The team was defeated due to fatigue as most of the starting players of Champ (team-B) were very busy over the weekend.

The likes of prolific players including Morrison O.G. Sayon who last Sunday scored a hat-trick, came in the game five minutes to the game. Reason for bringing him into the game late could not be explained by the coaches following the march.

The Sunday win by Team-A headed by Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan was the second out of six marches played thus far between the two teams. Team-B otherwise known as Champ has defeated Team-A four times in the In-House marches.

Due to the fatigue, Team-A tramped over Team-B and was considered as the strongest team on Sunday as the players went all out against the Champ that could not contain the likes of Ngafuan, Toe, Goodridge, former Lone Star and Mighty Barolle defender, Robert Sayon and others.

Mr. John B.S. Davies, President of Super BOSAC took over the role of coaching Team-A as he could not again wait to see another humiliation from team-B having suffered on four occasions.

Ngafuan and Davies, prior to the match, told their players that they needed the march by all cost. Captain Ngafuah who many considered as the Man of the march was very inspirational as he was too hot to handle. It is no secret that players of team-B could not withstand the force of Team-A especially their captain, Augustine Ngafuan.

At the same time, the head of Team-B, Mr. Pegee Wright has vowed in the strongest term to revenge against the boys of John B.S. Davies and Minister Ngafuan during the next in-House march scheduled for the end of September.