Bahn City Layout Not Demolition Exercise…Says Superintendent Fong Zuagele

Bahn City Layout Not Demolition Exercise...Says Superintendent Fong Zuagele

Nimba County Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, has hinted that the ongoing exercise to lay out the principal streets in the City of Bahn is not a demolition exercise but rather a decision by the City Council of Bahn to allow the county administration to use part of the resources from the Social Development Funds to lay out and transform the city from a traditional village to a potential modern city.

In an interview over the weekend, he mentioned that the ongoing effort was the citizens’ initiative where the county administration agreed through the city council to commit resources for the transformation of not only Bahn City but other cities in Nimba County.

What is even more important, he indicated, is that some of the citizens fully cooperated with the exercise where they even took down some removable parts of their structures to allow earth moving equipment proceed with the laying out exercise.

He said with the enthusiasm shown by the residents of Bahn as well as the level of cooperation his office continues to receive will help buttress government’s effort in laying out a new Bahn City in the next few weeks, stressing, “We are not just going around breaking people houses.”

Commenting on the number of houses being affected, Superintend Zuagele indicated that it will be a lack of information for anyone to come out with a figure as to the number of houses being affected because the survey has not been completed, so no one has any clarity on the number of houses.

“The overwhelming decision of the residents of Bahn is that the layout should continue as it started and that they look forward to the transformation of Bahn to a modern city and we believe that this will put the matter to rest and so we are proceeding accordingly, ”the Superintendent stated.

“We understand there were few people who were enthusiastic about the exercise but when the process hit their properties they took exception. We are not interested in confrontation but the reality is that the people welcomed this development just as the people in Kanplay did few weeks ago,” the Superintendent added.

“We do not believe that the development of Nimba County should be limited to Ganta. Other cities should have it because most of the tensions in the area of land is due to the fact that there are not enough roads for people to have access and open their shops and markets, ”he stated further.

He mentioned that we are not going to develop the Country by being sentimental and trying to vilify other people because the way to do it is to rise up to the challenge. I live in Nimba and deal with the people on a regular basis and what people tell me is what I do and I am happy we have the support of the people in Bahn,” Zuagele indicated.