A Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor:

I write to express my disgust about the unbearable situation the Liberian populace is encountering under the leadership of Ma Ellen led government. This type of leadership came to the disbelief of the Liberian people. Ma Ellen was here when the progressives led the April 14 rice riot in 1979. The sole motive was the price of a bag of rice was at 24.00USD. This ugly incident took away thousands of lives, but President Sirleaf has forgotten so soon the dynamics of Liberian politics, because she is on the throne and been guarded by foreign forces. If anyone wants to be a leader of Liberia, such person should take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the Liberian people. Prior to the ugly Ebola outbreak, a 25kilo bag of rice was sold at $1,200OOLD and 300.OOLD was added because of the Ebola. As the love of Liberia continues, a friendly country of Japan donated free rice to the government of Liberia, and this is been sold at the same price of the rice bought by the middlemen. This has been demonstrated to me about the heartless attitude shown towards those that voted them into power.


The lovely government of India has donated 65 buses to the begging government of Liberia, which is favored by God. These buses have been plying the streets of Liberia for years, but the produce hasn’t been used to purchase a single bus, ho! God, what got our people wicked like this? What time are we to change from this night mate?


The remedy of reformation the educational system isn’t the closure of schools, but to improve the teachers living condition. Let the government of Liberia pay the lest teacher $300.OOUSD and see whether the school reformation will not take place and those will be sent in the rural areas be paid according to their qualification and 200.00USD to be given as their stipend and see whether those teachers will not go in the rural areas to teach the science courses. Finally, if we want to recondition the educational system, please do as suggested.


It’s Joseph Toe