Tipoteh Says No To Bad Governance, Yes To Good Governance

In the midst of political campaigning calling for the election of the next President of Liberia from the social group that has dominated the governance of Liberia since 1847, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, a Presidential Aspirant, has declared that Presidents of Liberia from this social group promoted bad governance in the management of the Liberian State.

Dr. Tipoteh points out that it is this bad governance that has Liberia as the second poorest country in Africa and one of the ten poorest countries in the world, with corruption now in its worst and mass killer form, the Vampire.

This is precisely why Dr. Tipoteh says that for Liberia to be a better place, the people of Liberia must elect as their next President a person who has a good record of promoting good governance. Any leader of any group that has a record of bad governance is not good for Liberia because what Liberia needs is good governance that can use the God-given resources of Liberia to benefit the people of Liberia, especially the poor people.

For those persons who are saying that the governance of Liberia has been and continues to be good, Dr. Tipoteh calls their attention to the formation of the Good Governance Commission, the first Chairperson of which was none other than Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, now President of Liberia.

This Commission still exists, under the name of the Governance Commission, because bad governance still dominates the management of the Liberia State, as seen in the transformation of corruption into its most deadly form, the Vampire, and the massive poverty that goes with it.

Dr. Tipoteh is quick to remind the people of Liberia that it was bad governance that led to the Civil War which took the lives of nearly one out of every ten Liberians and left all of the major institutions and infrastructures broken down to the point that the government is still having plenty hard time in trying to get back to the institutions and infrastructures that existed before the Civil War.

Dr. Tipoteh says that the people of Liberia are united on one thing more than any other thing and that is: WE WANT PEACE! NO MORE WAR! So, to make sure that there is NO MORE WAR, the people of Liberia must not make the mistakes of the past by electing persons who have records of bad governance.

Dr. Tipoteh calls the attention of the people of Liberia to the promises of the political campaigners when they talk about the better things that they will do when they become President and he, Dr, Tipoteh, says that talking about doing better things is bad when the talker’s record is bad.

Dr. Tipoteh goes on to say that the person with a bad record cannot and will not keep his or her promises about making things better.

These political campaigners, according to Dr. Tipoteh, are depending on their money to get voters, but the election experience in Liberia shows that whenever people use money to buy votes and win, the people of Liberia always lose, as corruption and mass poverty become worse and worse, while a few persons get richer and richer.

Dr. Tipoteh insists that this use of money to blindfold voters, mainly poor people, is bad because when money is passed around to the poor people to make them to feel like they are getting help, only very small money is given to the poor people while the big government people controlling government money open the door for the rich people to get big money to get the power to become richer and richer while the poor people get poorer and poorer.

Dr. Tipoteh says that we must not forget that government money is the people’s money because this is what the Constitution, the biggest Law, of Liberia says.

Finally, Dr. Tipoteh says that that there is a big problem to getting good governance in Liberia because the electoral system that is supposed to get good people elected is bad. Dr. Tipoteh wants Liberians to look well at the National Elections Commission (NEC) and they will find out that NEC has a Commissioner who is a foreigner, while foreigners are candidates in elections and foreigners vote in elections, with the wrong names of candidates deliberately placed on the ballot papers to get voters to vote the way that NEC wants them to vote.

The way to change NEC for the better, according to Dr. Tipoteh, is to make sure that the President of Liberia appoint NEC Commissioners only from a short list given to her by the Civil Society of Liberia.