Strengthening The Local Industry

While visiting The INQUIRER Newspaper on Friday, the head of the institution, veteran Liberian Journalist, Philip N. Wesseh, made a passionate plea to Liberia’s foremost international movie star, Gregory Artus Frank to help strengthen the Liberian Movie Industry otherwise known as Lollyhood.

WELCOMING MR. ARTUS and entourage at the offices of The INQUIRER over the weekend, Mr. Wesseh, Managing Editor of The INQUIRER said Frank is one of the Liberians who continue to promote his country abroad.

PNW AS HE is affectionately called said because of Mr. Artus’s determination he was able to succeed in becoming one of the stars in the world. “We know that it was very difficult when you left Liberia, but you were determined to achieve your dream and that’s just what you did,” Mr. Wesseh said.

AMONG OTHER THINGS, PNW described Artus as a symbol for Liberia in other countries and called on him to help improve the Liberian movie industry.

RESPONDING, FRANK ARTUS said in order to improve the movie industry in Liberia, government must help provide sponsorship and for the movie industry to be on par with other nations including Nigeria and Ghana government must get involved by providing sponsorship and that companies must also help sponsor the industry.

“WE MUST START appreciating our movie industry; if we start appreciating the industry people will want to invest in it. That is why we want the NGOs to also come in by providing sponsorship as well,” he added. The international movie star said there are lots of companies in the country that could provide sponsorship. He named some of the companies as LoneStar Communication Corporation (LCC), CELLCOM GSM Company, Liberia Telecommunication Authorities, NOCAL among others.

ARTUS SAID IF the Liberian Government and some of the companies begin to provide sponsorship, the industry will rapidly improve and Liberia will be a competitor to other nations that have been in the business for a protracted period.

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY WELCOME the statement by Mr. Wesseh that the Liberian Movie Industry must be supported because it is a known fact that our country is still lagging behind on the issue of movie production.

AS ARTUS RIGHTLY said if the movie industry is to be improved and be on par with other nations, we must begin to invest in the industry but this can only be done if the Government of Liberia takes the lead by supporting our actors and also encouraging companies that are operating in the country to assist the industry by providing sponsorship to enable us be a fervent competitor to other countries like Nigeria, Ghana and others that have gone far ahead of us in the production of movies.

AS MUCH AS we are proud of Mr. Frank Artus and other Liberian movie stars who are making headways in other countries. We also want to encourage them to pay attention to their country by helping to improve the industry in Liberia because it is often said that there is nowhere like home. Any good thing done here by the likes of Artus will reflect their good names and the level of work they have done in their own country. That is, we will give them the glory for promoting our own movie industry.

IT IS NO secret that Liberia is blessed with lots of talented young people who can be like Mr. Artus and others and could also bring pride to their country, but what matters now is for them to be trained and given the opportunity to explore the movie world.

WE ARE PROUD of Mr. Artus and others who are making tremendous contributions to the movie industry in the world but at the same time, we are appealing to them to come back home and train other Liberians who are talented and have the ambition to develop the local industry.

WE BELIEVE THAT this can be done if the likes of Frank Artus and others contribute their quotas in the development of the local movie industry by training our local artists.