Interim Management Team Takes Over At NOCAL

The Board of Directors of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) has announced the appointment of Counselor Althea Sherman, Chief Operating Officer, as head of an Interim Transitional Management Team. Other members of the team are the Vice President of Technical Services, Mr. Rufus Tarnue, and the Vice President of Finance, Mr. Karmo Ville.

Making the announcement Thursday, August 27, at a general staff meeting, the Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Fred Bass Golokai, said the decision was in keeping with a mandate of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to restructure the company.

The Interim Management Team, Mr. Bass said will among other responsibilities, implement the Sustainable Action Plan (SAP) of the corporation, under the supervision of an Interim Board of Directors, which has also been appointed by the President.

The Interim Board is headed by its current Chairman, Cllr. Seward Cooper. Other members are Counselor Peter K. Jallah, the Minister of Finance & Development Planning, Mr. Amara Konneh, as well as Lands, Mines & Energy Minister, Mr. Patrick Sendolo. The Interim Transitional Team under the guidance of the Board will take on the immediate task of implementing the SAP, including payment of severance to employees at all levels of the organization.

The Vice Chairman also announced the retirement of the President & CEO, Dr. Randolph A.K.W. McClain. He said the retirement of Dr. McClain was also in line with the ongoing restructuring plan of NOCAL.

As part of the exercise, the Vice President of Administration, Mrs. Vida Mensah, the acting Vice President of Corporate Social Relations, Mr. Pete Norman and the Vice President of Public Affairs, Mr. Lamini A. Waritay, have also resigned.

Mr. Bass, on behalf of the Board, thanked the outgoing executives of NOCAL for their services to the company and the country and urged the staff to cooperate with the new Interim management team for a smooth transition.

For his part, the outgoing CEO McClain thanked the Board, management and staff for the support during his tenure. He spoke of the significant progress made in the sector which has attracted top-notched companies into the emerging oil industry of the country.

Dr. McClain welcomed the appointment of the transitional management team, adding, β€œI have confidence in their ability to carry out the tasks to which they have been assigned.”

The head of the Interim Management Team, Cllr. Althea Sherman, lauded the outgoing President & CEO as well as the three outgoing Vice Presidents for their contribution. Counsellor Sherman also thanked employees for their patience and cooperation during the restructuring process.

Senate Accuses Pres. SirleafOf Violating Constitution

The Liberian Senate on Thursday, August 27, unanimously voted to have President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf answer for her action in taking position on a recent recommendation submitted to her by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC).

The Constitution Review constituted by the President two years ago, last week submitted its report to her, containing the views of the citizens’ on some provisions of the Liberian Constitution followed by her outright rejection of some of the committee’s recommendation before forwarding same to the Senate.

Reacting to the recommendations, President Sirleaf was reported to have made her position clear rejecting some of the recommendations at the same time endorsing some.

Report says the President in reaction to the report, rejected the citizens’ recommendation calling for a Christian State while she has reportedly approved the proponent ‘dual citizenship’ that was rejected by an all Liberia conference held in Gbarnga Bong County last year.

Before forwarding the CRC’s report to the Senate, the President was also quoted as having concord with the Gbarnga conferees by approving the proponent calling for the reduction of the six years tenure of the President and members of the House of Representatives to four years and members of the Senate from nine years to six years respectively.

Although the CRC was mandated by the President two years ago to conduct hearings relative to the constitutional issues, the Senate said it was not within the President’s constitutional power to approve or disapprove the outcome of the conference.

Senators during Thursday’s debate said the President was in clear violation of the Constitution by her actions which amounted to the usurpation of their function, agreeing it was the duty of the body to take the recommendations through referendum.

β€œIt should be after the senate would have received the document before decision can be made whether a national referendum should be conducted to determine to constitutional amendment on the provisions and not for the President to unilaterally act on such grave constitutional matters,” the Senators voiced out.

Meanwhile members of the Liberian Legislature who were supposed to have started their five months annual leave on Thursday August 27 could not do so due to a request from the President that they remain in session for at least six more weeks.