Fire Renders Several Homeless

By Varney K. Sirleaf

The Wilson Corner Community, popularly known as ‘Desert’ in Brewerville, early Saturday morning woke up in astonishment as an early morning fire razed a six bedroom house.

According to the Chairman of the Wilson Corner Community, Professor Reginald Gaye, the incident started early last Saturday morning from an electrical shock circuit in a building .He said the house wouldn’t have burned down had they made an early contact with the Liberia National Fire Service.

Professor Gaye further stated that the latest fire incident brings to two fire disaster cases in the community in recent times. He urged residents of the community to be careful of how they handle electricity at their various homes.

“In recent times, this is the second case of this nature for fire to burn a house completely; the first one was a Tiger Generator which was being refueled by the owner of the house when the shock occurred; today the shock came from the community current which occupants are renting. We all have to be careful now how to deal with electricity,” the Chairman warned.

Joyce Itoka, one of the victims, narrated that last Saturday morning, they noticed electricity fluctuation in the house, but they did not give it much attention.

According to her, she went to wash clothes at the back of the house but later went in to check for her daughter, saying, “It was at that point I noticed that the light bulb in my room has dropped on the mattress. When I entered the house, I could not see the bulb on the ceiling but only to see smoke in the room not knowing that the house was already on fire, so I pushed my daughter out of the house for safety,” Joyce narrated the situation.

Miss Joyce further explained that Friday evening they were told to switch off all of their appliances because of the fluctuation of the current. She said that they are renting community current (electricity) from ‘HENKO’, a business run by Mr. Henry McKay at VOA Junction.

For his part, Marcus, another victim of the fire disaster, said that he lost everything he had worked for in his life to the fire. He said he was at work when he got information that the house he resides in was being gutted by fire.

“I left the house early Saturday morning and went to Cradle Kids Campus where I work, but to my surprise I heard that our house was ablaze, so I hurriedly went to see how best I could salvage some of my belongings out, but it was too late,” he tearfully narrated.

Sympathizers and observers who came on the scene were seen standing in groups discussing the unfortunate situation that had befallen their neighbors.

The Inquirer also learnt that the house which was housing over 20 occupants is owned by a man only identified as David who some neighbors said is not a resident of the community, but just build that house and rented it to tenants.

However, there were no casualties reported as all of the occupants had left earlier for various assignments.

Meanwhile, most of the community dwellers who witnessed the incident said there is a need for the Government to establish a Sub-Station of the Liberia National Fire Service in Brewerville stating, “If Fire Service was closer to this community, this house was not going to burn,” one of them said.

They also said there is the need for the National Fire Service to provide proper education to the citizenry to avoid the occurrence of what happen in Wilson Corner.