Senator Dagoseh Wins TV Africa Prestigious Award

Grand Cape Mount Senator, Edward Dagoseh was among key Africa’s Statesmen to win the 2015-2016 TV Africa Awards.
The award was presented to the Senator on behalf of the Entity by its Liberian reporter: Isaac Nketia at a brief ceremony held at Capitol Hill on Thursday.
Mr. Nketia said Senator Dagoseh’s preferment for the award is based on an independent assessment of his activities over the years by TV Africa reporters covering the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease which forced hundreds of people to their early graves in Liberia.
He disclosed that during the survey, it was proven that the Senator played an important role in saving the lives of his people during the outbreak.
The television station correspondent, further indicated that based on this fact, TV Africa was left with no alternative but to consider him for the award intended for Africans who strive to make the continent a better place to live.
He pointed out that the awards which coincided with channels anniversary celebration was also awarded to several Africans statesmen in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and other places on the Continent.
Responding to the gesture, Senator Edward Dagoseh lauded TV Africa for the recognition and expressed the hope that it will go a long way in helping to stimulate others with similar aim.
The Grand Cape Mount County Senator further stressed that the awards will help motivate his desire to intensify humanitarian activities, including eradication of poverty, support for education and health care delivery throughout the country.
The recognition of Senator Edward Dagoseh by Africa’s populous Television channel did not come as a surprise to Cape Mountaians and other Liberians, giving the commitments he demonstrated to the fight against Ebola during the heat of the crisis in the country.
He was among few Liberians who used their personal resources, to step up the fight against the disease through the provision of logistical support, to hospitals and Ebola Treatment Units.
Without waiting for government intervention, the Grand Cape Mount County Senator hurriedly entered into his pocket to purchase a Land Cruiser Jeep for use as Ambulance to convey patients to treatment units.
The donation which was made in the remote Cape Mount County District of Porkpa, help to save the lives of several poverty striking residents in the area during the Ebola crisis.
In addition to the vehicle, the Senator also made available over five hundred buckets, one thousand cartoons of soap and several liters of sanitizers for distribution to rural communities in the county, hard hit by the epidemic as well as made frequent visitations to areas in Grand Cape Mount County affected by the sickness, despite the risks associated with said venture.
Prior to the outbreak of Ebola, Senator Edward Dagoseh has been engaged in the implementation of sustainable development projects to improve the living standard of people in his county including the rehabilitation of roads, linking Jenewude and the District Headquarters of Bambala in Porkpa District, as well as the construction of health centers and schools to beef up education and health care delivery throughout Cape Mount.
Senator Edward Dagoseh was a University Professor, when he was forced by citizens to run for the county Senatorial seat in 2011 in which he defeated his rivals, Dr. FodayKromah with a large margin.
He is presently chairing the Senate Committee on ways means and finance.