Jeddi Armah, Other Dismissed…Passport Director Suspended

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dismissed the Deputy Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thomas Kaydor and the Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs, JeddiMowbrayArmah with immediate effect.
According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader said Mr. Kaydor dismissal is due to behavior unbecoming of a senior government official as an investigation proceeds by the Ministry of Justice with the misuse of Japanese Grant Funds by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while the Minister for Legal Affairs, Armah was dismissed for the authorization of a passport to a Ministry staff that did not comply with policy.
Meanwhile, President Sirleaf has also directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augustine Ngafuan, to suspend the Director of Passport, Finda Davies, for one month without pay for carrying out instruction by issuing a passport even though it was clear that there was a violation.