Diabetes Patient Hails Pervocate

“Opening a diabetes testing center in Liberia is a life saver for those of us that are suffering from this life threatening disease, my life was hopeless. But for now, I can walk in a place to get my sugar tested as often as possible” these were the words of Thomas Ellis diabetes sufferer that visited the Front Street offices of the Liberia Diabetes Testing Center over the weekend.
Entering the testing center with a walking assisted device due to diabetes complications, he told our reporter that he has being suffering from the disease for the past eight years but the opportunity to get his sugar level tested as often as possible was the most difficult problem he faced in his life, until a diabetes testing center was opened in the country.
He said while some hospitals and clinics may be doing testing, the cost of testing at these hospitals or clinics is not affordable for most people suffering from diabetes.
Mr. Ellis indicated that as a diabetic it is important to check your sugar levels as often to know the rise and fall of your glucose levels to enable you know when to take your medication if you find yourself in diabetes crisis.
He said for the past eight years his struggle with diabetes is his greatest challanged due to the disease complications and the lack of a affordable testing center to regularly monitor his sugar levles.
He told our reporter that diabetes has made him toloose weight and is currently struggling with other medical conditions that are often associated with diabetes
The former employee of the Liberia Water and sewer corporation said that diabetes is a medical condition that required constent monitoring, diating and exercising in combination with medication to help stabilized sugar levels.
He stressed “ in the absence of testing or a meter, managing the disease is very difficult. He told our reporter that the establishment of a diabetes testing center in liberia has restored his hope for life and the diabetes population in Liberia.
He said while the disease is not curable, it is also manageable if you follow the right diet and exericse in combination with precribed medication.
He said diabetes is creeping and gradually comsuming the liberian population due to poor eating habbits and the lack of will to pay attention to our personal health.
He urged liberans to visit the center to regularly monitor their sugar levels. Unbehalf of the management of the Liberia Diabetes testing center Ms. Agnes Johnson expressed her gratitude to Mr. Ellis for acknowledging the significant role of the center to the diabetes community and people that might be developing the symptoms in Liberia.
She said the goal of the center is to provide the opportunity to people suffering from diabetes to have their sugar levels tested as often as possible which according to her is central to the disease management.
She admonished Liberians to take advantage of the oportunites provided at the center that are not limited to diabetes. “If you visit the center you will also have the opportunity to benefit from other testing opportunities.
Ms. Johnson said the center is not a treatment center but a place that provides a comprehensive assessment and counselling to people wiith medical conditions that are manageable like hyperglacemia and hypertension.