22 Indicted For GVL Violence

The Government of Liberia has indicted 22 persons in Sinoe County on multiple charges, including armed robbery, rioting, kidnapping, aggravated assault, terroristic threat, criminal mischief, criminal conspiracy, theft of property and criminal attempt to commit murder.

The 22 persons were indicted in connection with theMay, 26, 2015 incident that led to the alleged destruction of properties at the Golden Veroleum-Liberia compound in Butaw, Sinoe County.

The indictment said while the defendants were allegedly committing the crime of theft of property, they posed imminent threat against a group of persons, Golden Veroleum General Managers, FlomoManubah, General Manager for sustainability, Eric K. Goll, General Manager for Human Resources, Atty. Regina T. Elliot, Legal Associate, Gerald Ray as well as some government officials.

The indictment named those officials of government allegedly threatened by the defendants as Varney Sirleaf, Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prince Korvah, Assistant Minister for Regional Affairs, Minister of Labor, Romeo Quiah, Superintendent, Sinoe County.

The grand jury alleged in the indictment that the defendants were armed with some deadly weapons such as single barrel guns, machetes, cutlasses, axes, rocks, bars, pieces of steel rods and sticks.

Count-two of the indictment pointed out that on that fateful day of May, 26, co-defendant, D. Terry Panyonnoh allegedly used a loud speaker with a microphone and summoned the youths of Butaw District and within a jiffy, men and women converged at the main gate of the GVL farm with their weapons.

The indictment described defendant Panyonnoh as the main organizer and key architect of the demonstration, who ordered his men to move into the GVL Compound.

However, Cllr. T. Dempster Brown, a human right lawyer has promised to defend the legal interest of the 22 defendants.

Cllr. Brown, who made the disclosure at a press conference on Wednesday at his Ashman Street offices, alleged that one Fred Thompson was tortured and died in prison.

He said he has put six criminal lawyers together to proceed to Sinoe County to argue a motion for change of venue filed by state prosecutors in that county.