NPA Slapped With US$10,296 For ‘Illegal’ Dismissal

The Supreme Court of Liberia has ordered the management of the National Port Authority (NPA) to pay US$10, 296 to one of its former employees, Tex L. Yardamah, for ‘illegally’ dismissing him.

In an opinion handed down last Thursday, Justice Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh, who spoke on behalf of the court said appellant, Yardamah tendered a letter of complaint to the Ministry of Labor against the management of the NPA on August 20, 2009.

Justice Yuoh said the primary allegation contained in Yandamah’s complaint was that on April 19, 2006, he was promoted from the position of patrolman to training officer in the Liberia Sea-Port Police (LSP) Department of the NPA without commensurate change in his classification and salary.

The Associate Justice noted that by virtue of the new position Yardamah was called by the appellee/NPA to train certain personnel of the LSP.

She said upon completion of the training, NPA management mandated Yardamah to take up assignment on third shift, which he refused that by doing so was tantamount to demotion.

Justice Yuoh told the court that on July 30, 2009, the appellant in these proceedings was suspended by the management of the NPA for the period of one month without pay and subsequently dismissed due to his refusal to take assignment on third shift, which was only designated for patrolmen. She said the action prompted Yardamah to file the complaint with the Ministry of Labor.

She said the case was assigned several times at the Ministry of Labor for hearing, but counsels for the NPA allegedly refused to appear, which caused the plaintiff to move the Ministry of Labor for default judgment against the NPA.

The Associate ruled that the court, having determined that Yardamah was promoted from the position of patrolman to training officer with the change of status notice of March 29, 2006 and its promotion policy, he is entitled to adjustment in his salary commensurate with the new position as training officer.