Leon Dennis Wins Libel Case Against CBL

Mr. Leon Francis Dennis has won the Libel Law Suit filed against the Central Bank of Liberia for defaming his hard earned reputation without justifiable reason.

Complainant Dermis won the case recently after the jury at the Civil law Court at the Temple of Justice handed down the verdict declaring the CBL liable for libel and indicated that complainant Dennis be awarded for damages inflicted on him by the CBL.

The Jury reached the decision after complainant Dennis’s lawyers and those of the Central Bank of Liberia rested with their pleadings, disposition of all pre-trial motions and parading of material evidence.

According to the Court’s records, the Central bank took exception to the Jurors verdict and thereafter filed a motion for a new trial of the case but the bank’s lawyers subsequently withdrew the motion.

The court, presided over by Judge Yussif D. Kaba then proceeded with the rendition of final judgment in the case. He confirmed and affirmed the unanimous verdict of the jury declaring the Central Bank liable for libel against complainant Leon Francis Dennis and ordered that the CBL award complainant Dennis for the bank’s illegal and unlawful act committed against him.

The bank’s appointed Lawyer Attorney Anthony Kollie took exception to Judge Kaba’s ruling and notified the court that he will appeal to the Supreme Court against his judgment.

During the rendition of the final judgment in the libel case, complainant Dennis was represented by dir. Viama J. Blama and Attorney Prince A. Decker while the Central Bank’s Lawyers failed to appear to receive the judgment leaving the court with no option but to appoint Attorney Anthony D. Kollie to take the judgment on their behalf as provided for by law.