Few Kilometers To End Ganta-Guinea Road

Few Kilometers To End Ganta-Guinea Road

By Antoinette Sendolo

As China Hennan Incorporated (CHICO) completes 65 kilometers out of its 68 kilometer road construction contract, residents of Ganta, Nimba County are optimistic that they will soon benefit from the road construction process which started in May, 2013.

The main streets of Ganta City is filled with CHICO’s workers and yellow machines carrying out a major road rehabilitation process which has been welcomed and appreciated by the citizens of the county.

CHICO-Liberia signed a contract with the Liberian government in May 2013 to construct a sixty-eight kilometer (68km) road from Gbarnga through Ganta to the Guinea border and CHICO is currently at the maintenance level of its 65km portion that has been completed.

According to the administrative and Media relation officer, Joseph Swen, out of the 68 km road, his company (CHICO) has completed 65 km and it is left with just 3 km to be completed as soon as possible.

Mr. Swen said the road project should have been completed in October of this year (2015) but due to the torrential rainfall, the process had been delayed, but assured the public that the road will be completed even though he could not give a definite time due to what he referred to as unforeseeable technical problems.

He added that the road which is being built by CHICO is up to international standard and that people need not worry because his institution is doing all it could to ensure that the process be a success story.

Mr. Swen disclosed that the cost of the road is approximately sixty million United States Dollars and as such, CHICO is in a better position to successfully complete the process in order for marketers and other citizens to have facile mobility.

Meanwhile, residents of Ganta City have welcomed the development but called on the company to speed up its work to enable them facilitate their normal businesses.

One of the residents whose portion of his business center was demolished due to the road construction, Tito Glaydor, said though he welcomes the development and appreciates CHICO for the level of work it has done on the road, he is also losing most of his customers because a portion of his business center was demolished.

“For me I am happy that the road has reached this far and it will help us to move about easily but I want CHICO to speed up its work to enable me earn what Ii used to get before the process reached here in Ganta,” Glaydor explained.

Also speaking, Leroy Zeegbeh, a ninth grade student who rides a motor bike to sustain his family said the process is good, stating that there is no development without pains.

“CHICO is doing well because other companies that are constructing roads have not reached the level where CHICO is now in the road project. Though I am losing my costumers, I am very happy that we will soon have a perfect road in Ganta City,” an optimistic Ganta citizen expressed.

CHICO-Liberia is amongst several Chinese companies that has committed itself to helping Liberia in its recovery process. Apart from constructing roads, CHICO-Liberia is said to be the second highest donor to the Chinese Embassy scholarship given to Liberians to study in China.