Brown Welcomes Reopening Of Chronicle

The Minister of Information, Lewis Brown, says government welcomes the recent ruling from the Supreme Court of Liberia for the reopening of the National Chronicle Newspaper.

Minister Brown described the Court’s decision as a step forward in Liberia’s democracy noting that the Court has done the right thing at the right time.

He said the decision of the Supreme Court to rule in favor of the citizens is to demonstrate, and promote the centrality of the free press in the country.

He noted that the government did not go to court with national chronicle newspaper, and has no intention of going to court, saying,” We must all celebrate the changes that are taking place in this country for the Supreme Court to have the National Chronicle reopened implies freedom of speech.

According to him, the facts behind some media institutions reporting falsehood is due to their own weakness in confirming the truth about a particular story or an individual.

“I am pleased that we have a courageous court that can respond to the needs of its people in the country. We have suffered for so long to earn the freedom of speech that was abused by certain individuals,” he stated.

Earlier, Deputy Information Minister, Isaac Jackson, said it is a settled position by the Supreme Court of Liberia to deny the petition filed by the Press Union of Liberia, saying,” If a legal entity wants to speak on behalf of another legal entity, that must be done through a board resolution”.

He said that the president of the PUL, Mr. Abdullah K. Kamara may want to disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision that has been pronounced but the Union has no legal standing to do such.

It can be recalled that on Friday August 7, 2015, the Press Union of Liberia filed in a petition of prohibition against the government of Liberia for the closure of the National Chronicle Newspaper before the Supreme Court of Liberia.