Re-run For Bong Senatorial Election In District #7

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The Supreme Court wants the National Elections Commission (NEC) to test the resolve of the residents of Bong County which re qualifies Senator Jewel Howard Taylor as their Senator for the next nine years.

The interpreter of Liberia’s laws is mandating the NEC to resume jurisdiction over the case and give effect to the court’s judgment by conducting a re-run or a repeat of the elections by registered voters in three of the24 polling precincts in District # 7 of Bong County within 60 days.

The elections’ irregularities are related to vote counts in those areas which include the Sanoyea Market polling place #5; the Yarbayeh Public School and the Beletanda Palava Hut polling precincts in Bong County.

The decision of the Supreme Court comes as a result of a hearing into an appeal growing out of a complaint of election irregularities filed by one of the defeated candidates, Henrique FlomoTokpa against the just ended senatorial elections conducted in that part of the country which emerged Senator Taylor as winner.

The high court adjudged that the votes therefrom are declared null and void and that in the event the results from the re-run alter the prior results to upset the announced declaration, the NEC is ordered to proceed consistent with the new results consistent with law and in harmony with the decisions of the Court in such matters.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court said its judgment is in accordance with the principles of law stated in the Opinion and in the absence of any complaint or evidence of irregularities in the remaining 24 voting precincts of District #7, the results of the ballots cast in those precincts shall not be disturbed.