Benoni Urey’s Party Certificated

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

A Liberian businessman and politician, Mr. Benoni Urey says his party, the All Liberian PartyI (ALP) will endeavor to raise the standard of democracy in the country if he becomes President following the 2017 elections.

Mr. Urey, a former Commissioner of Maritime made the statement when one of Liberia’s newest political parties, the All Liberian Party (ALP) was certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) last Friday in Monrovia.

Mr. Urey said his party will endeavor to raise the standards of democracy in the country to a level that Liberians has never seen before. He called on Liberians to work assiduously in achieving this noble goal.

Mr. Urey said the certification of the ALP to participate in the coming 2017 elections is a clear manifestation that the country’s democracy is certainly growing and as such it is incumbent upon all Liberians to protect democracy even with their lives.

Mr. Urey said he has supported several politicians who have become failures and his coming into the race is to ensure that the needs of Liberians are met.

He further said, “I know most of you want to be assured that the fees of your children’s education are affordable; most of you want to work and that your remuneration be equal to your service. Most of you want to be given the basic essential for living, which includes running water, shelter, electricity amongst others.”

Mr. Urey further assured, “If I become president of the country, nepotism will be fought to the letter; my children will not work in government, they can take their support to another person if they so desire. I stand by my words, and I will persecute anyone who would practice corruption”.

He continued, “The ALP will structure a society in which all Liberians shall be equal under the law and enjoy opportunities;, everyone will be responsible for the government and the government will be responsible for everyone.The well-being of Liberians is to bring the country’s growth and development on par with other countries, democratically, economically and socially.”

Mr. Urey stated that as the ALP is now a legal and full-pledged political party, the certificate must serve as a mandate to all to partake in the most important process. He said it must be viewed as an opportunity to strengthen the pillars that uphold the nation.