Mother Frustrated Over U.S. Visa…To Attend Murdered Son’s Funeral

Former Post and Telecommunications Minister, Madam Emma Wuor, says she has been denied a United States Visa which could enable her travel to that country for the funeral of her murdered son. The mournful looking woman told the INQUIRER that her son the late Grant Toks Desbordes, who was recently killed in the United States was to be buried on July 13, 2015 but same was postponements due to the fact that she could not obtain the visa.

However a response to issue sent to the INQUIRER, the U.S Embassy said, “We do not comment on individual cases. Under our privacy regulations, the specifics regarding any visa application can only be discussed with the applicant.”

Madam Wuor noted she had applied for an emergency visa, submitted a letter from her employer based upon the request of the U.S. Embassy but was informed that her case is an open one. “How long can this be an open one? Will it remain open until my son is buried in my absence?” Madam Wuor asked in tears.

She said since leaving office as the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, she had been denied from traveling to the United States. “I applied for visa in 2007 and 2010 and I was told that it was undergoing administrative processing and this time they are telling me it is undergoing legal Administrative processing,” she said.

Madam Wuor appealed to the U.S. Embassy to grant her the visa which would enable her to travel and bury her son noting that her son had been the only child among her children who had always visited her in Liberia.

The former government official said she heard from some quarters that it is the Government of Liberia (GOL) that is against her traveling to the United States but during a recent meeting she had with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President informed her that the government has nothing against her and could not stop her from traveling.

She said even though the Embassy promised to call her, that has not been done and it is urgent that they inform her as why she cannot get a U.S. Visa.