Caldwell Bridge Nears Completion

A tour of the construction site of the new Caldwell Bridge conducted yesterday on the Bushrod Island indicates that the China Henan International Cooperation (CHICO), has almost completed the bridge.   Some of the contractors who spoke to our reporter said China Henan International Cooperation (CHICO) is working furtively to make sure that the bridge be completed on time for its dedication.

“My brother, as you can see right now, we are working hard because we want the Caldwell Bridge to be completed before the end of this month,” one of the contractors stated.

Some residents spoken to in the area expressed joy about the bridge gradually moving to completion saying, “The completion of this bridge will help to reduce traffic and make us carry on our normal businesses with ease.”

The Government of Liberia commissioned CHICO to construct the bridge due to heavy traffic congestion as well as the narrow and outdated bridge which could no longer serve Caldwell after the construction of a modern road in the area.