Water Shortage Hits Monrovia…LWSC Cites Technical Problem

A major water shortage has hit Monrovia for the fifth day running due to what the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) terms as technical reason.

However, a source close to the Corporation said the shortage of water throughout Monrovia and its environs is due to the shortage of allium, the chemical used to purify the water before its distribution.

But in a public service announcement that is being broadcast on various radio stations, the Corporation cites technical problems at the Water Treatment Plant for the water shortage.

Yesterday during a visit to the headquarters of the LWSC, employees from the Corporation’s White Plains Water Treatment Plant were seen discussing the shortage of the chemical to purify water for which the Corporation has stopped supplying water.

A source said the chemical was recently imported through Ivory Coast but upon its arrival in the country it was discovered that it was expired and as such it cannot be used.

Since last weekend, the Corporation has stopped supplying water, a week after signing a multi-million dollars agreement to rehabilitate the Water Treatment Plant. Although work for the rehabilitation has not started, the procurement of the water treatment chemical seems to be a task that is beating the Charles Allen Administration.

When the INQUIRER visited the LWSC to ascertain the authenticity of the water treatment chemical shortage, the Managing Director was out of office and when further effort was made to talk to him via telephone, he informed this paper that he was driving and in a curve following which he was going to call.

Although he did not call back, his Media Relation officers told the INQUIRER that the Managing Director was going somewhere and it will sometime before he could reply to the inquiry relative to water shortage in Monrovia.

Another source close to the Corporation informed the INQUIRER that the Managing Director recently informed a staff meeting that he was going on a trip to the United States, a situation which the Workers Union has inquired the purpose of the trip while the entity was in crisis.

The sources said the Managing Director did not explain the purpose of his trip but was scheduled to have left the country yesterday.

Recently the Corporation has been gradually drawing down into crisis when it was confirmed that over 50 persons were to be redundant or retired due to what the Managing Director termed as replacing those who had passed the legal age for work as well as removing square pegs from round holes and replacing them with qualified individuals.

It has also been discovered that due to the lack of money to compensate those to be redundant and retired, the Corporation is now transferring those targeted to rural areas that are not functional, reducing their job titles and their respective salaries contrary to the LWSC policy.