Browne Refutes Report Linking Ellen To Corruption

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Government through the Minister of Information, Lewis Brown has refuted recent media report which claimed that President Sirleaf is among the most corrupt leaders of Africa.

According to Minister Brown, the act of some individuals releasing negative media reports on the government damages its image both locally and internationally.

Information Minister, Lewis Brown expressed his frustration yesterday when he addressed his ministry’s regular press briefing, making specific references to a media report which suggests that President Sirleaf and other African leaders have been listed by US president Barrack Obama as corrupt leaders.

Minister Brown said the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information is poised to take drastic action against those media institutions that are in the constant habit of carrying false and misleading reports on the government.

He noted that his ministry will use all its administrative powers to ensure that these media institutions do not continue to feed both local and international public with negative reports about the government, something which he said has the ability to undermine the effort of the government in the fight against corruption.

He noted that the Ministry of Information has the right to respond to issues that concern the government, saying,” we will not take this lightly because we believe that these falsehoods are intended to bring this government to public ridicule by feeding the public with unsubstantiated information that does nothing but put every citizen at risks in the country,” Minister Brown added.

Minister Brown stated further that the work of a professional journalist is to report credible stories and not stories that will make others to condemn the progress made by the government, stressing, “The idea of painting this government black is not good for Liberia, you may think it is President Sirleaf, or Minister Brown but it’s something that concerns every Liberian,” he stressed.

The MICAT Boss narrated that the ministry will not sit and watch others destroy the reputation of the government through manufacturing lies in the name of freedom of speech.

“You have the right to say whatever you want but you don’t have the right to tell lies about the government,” the minister further stated.

He pointed out that the action of the government is not to halt the freedom of speech or threaten anyone, but it is meant to guide the way in which media institutions release reports and to also avoid misinformation from media institutions.

Recently, it was reported by some media institutions that President Sirleaf is being listed amongst the corrupt leaders of Africa.

According to the media report, President Barack Obama recently presented to Nigeria’s newly elected President Mohammadu Buhari, a list of corrupt leaders in Africa, which covers, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration amongst other countries.