Prof. Sumo G. Kupee Tours Greenville Oil Terminal…Expresses Interest in Revitalizing the Storage Facility

The Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has embarked on a plan to inspect all of its petroleum storage facilities in the country to assess the level of damage, with the intent to rehabilitating them. The latest facility recently inspected on Friday, July 24, 2015 is the Greenville Oil Terminal, located near the Samuel A. Ross Port of Greenville.

The 5.3 M gallon storage capacity in Greenville, like other petroleum storage and handling facilities around the country, suffered the effect of extended conflict, repeated looting and lack of maintenance. All nine storage tanks (8 horizontal and 1 vertical) along with the loading gentry and pipelines are completely destroyed and reduced to tiny particles of metal iron.

Owing to the growing economic activities in the south-eastern counties and the desire of the company to meet the domestic fuel demand of the region, the LPRC’s Managing Director has expressed interest in revitalizing the Greenville Oil Terminal.

“The South-east of the country is experiencing a solid and positive development; as a result, the demand for petroleum products in every sector of the economy of this region makes it a compelling need to accelerate the plans for the rehabilitation of existing facility and the construction of a new ones” LPRC’s Managing Director Prof. Sumo G. Kupee remarked during the inspection tour.

Prof Kupee and delegation were welcomed to the Port of Greenville by the Acting Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Hon. David F. Williams, while the inspection tour was guided by J. DarfaWah, Manager of the Port of Greenville.