Chief Justice Urges Judges, Others

Chief Justice Francis Korkpor has warned judges and judicial workers in the country not to suffocate the people by their judicial actions and decisions.

Speaking recently in Grand Kru County at ceremony marking the dedication of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court of Grand Kru County, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor called on the judges and judicial workers to be bold, fearless and impartial in applying the law.

“The judge of a court should therefore be prompt in the performance of his judicial duties; be alert and exhibit exemplary industry at all times,” Chief Korkpor cautioned.

He added that a judge should always conduct himself in a decent and honorable manner to avoid suspicion and win the confidence of the public.

Chief Justice Korkpor said courts exist for the singular purpose of doing justice to those who come before them, thereby serving the interest of the public.

He pointed out that the courts are sanctuaries for those who are violated, injured or in distress and in search of justice, noting that courts equalize mankind the rich, poor, strong, weak and the powerful are all equal in the eyes of the law in the courts of justice.

The head of the Judicial Branch at the same time frowned on the fact that the facility was not a judicial complex as was envisaged as it did not have rooms for several other courts and essential offices for judicial actors.

He promised to undertake the construction of an annex to the court to house the remaining courts and appropriate offices for judicial actors, construct a fence around the court, as well as negotiate with local authorities to secure land to build residential quarters for judges. “Whatever imperfections or shortcomings you see here will be corrected,” Chief Justice Korkpor assured citizens of Grand Kru County.

Also speaking, Grand Kru County Senator, Peter Coleman appealed for the construction of a prison in the County. Sen. Coleman said those guilty of crimes and sentenced in the county have to serve their prison terms at a facility in Maryland County due to the lack of prison facility in Grand Kru County; Morrison O.G. Sayon.