ULICFO Inducts New Corps Of Officers

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Union of Liberia Community Forest (ULICFO) last week inducted new corps of officers into office on Saturday, August 1, 2015 in Monrovia to conduct the affairs of the union in the country.

Speaking at the induction program, the Executive Director of Forest Cry Liberia Incorporated, Mr. Dickson J.Chowolo said iron ore, gold and diamond have gone and the last crumps are being scraped off, while oil is on the list and its devastating effects, and that all the natural resources have been committed or exploited in search of one goal- “development”.

He said God does not replace iron ore, gold, diamond and oil but God is only doing that with the forests as a renewable resource, and that Liberia is recorded to have 43% of the Upper Guinea Tropical Rain Forest. He added that the 43%is situated in the least populated counties of Liberia such as western, south, central and southeastern regions.

He has urged the union to develop strategies and practice sustainable forest management and must work with each community that has forest to also develop the strategies, and have portable sawmills to supply timber for both local and international markets.

“I look forward to the Community Forest Union to working with line ministries, agencies and professional institutions to develop a comprehensive land-use and land tenure instrument in their undertakings,”Mr.Cholowo stated.

Also speaking, the President elect, Mr.ArthurKarteeGbagbow, said the Union of Liberia Community Forest is not a fiasco organization but is a peaceful driving institution that speaks for the people.

He said the people of this country are so happy of forestry development function but what was actually missing was that, they were unhappy about things that were happening but now they have an institution that can speak for them.     He said the institution is a whistle blower and that the institution will really work in collaboration with the Government of Liberia and International partners. He has lauded President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the great opportunity given to the union.

Meanwhile the corps officers inducted into office are;ArthurKarteeGbagbow, President; Sorboh S. Wesseh, Vice President for Administration; Zubah W. Kponeh, Vice President for operations; Jefferson Z. Zoegbeh, General Secretary; Robert M. Tarpeh, Assistant General Secretary; Peter Jallah Financial Secretary, Ruth J. Monlo Treasurer, and BarteeTogbe, National Coordinator.