Prevocate-Liberia Director Takes Diabetes Awareness To UMC

The Executive Director of Pervocate-Liberia Testing and Awareness Center has begun taking diabetes preventive awareness to Churches and large gatherings in the country.   Mr. James Momoh who, on Sunday spoke at the United Methodist Church on Ashmun Street in Monrovia, lectured the congregation on the preventive measures of diabetes and other measures to be taken in order to prevent diabetes.

The worship service at the First United Methodist Church was attended by hundreds of worshipers including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who also listened to the message of diabetes. Speaking to the large congregation yesterday at the UMC, Mr. Momoh outlined steps to diabetes treatment and how to ensure that one does not contract the deadly disease.

In his statement, Mr. Momoh said, “People must be aware of diabetes and prevent themselves.” He said some types of the disease can be inborn tendency while it can also be contracted due to poor life style. He reminded the congregation that the disease has some side effects that include blurry vision, impotency, impaired kidney function, and sometimes results to cardio-vascular disease.

For women according to the Prevocate Liberia Testing and Awareness Center boss, they usually develop infections in the vagina. “I was so impressed with the attention given by the congregation to the awareness at the UMC,” Mr. Momoh said.

He added that the congregation was enthusiastic in receiving the message and called on other Churches to emulate the good example of the UMC by giving serious attention to the awareness campaign being launched by Prevocate-Liberia in their various Churches so as to prevent their members from contracting the disease.

Meanwhile, Mr. Momoh has disclosed that his institution is offering free diabetes counseling at its Front Street offices and called on Liberians to take advantage of the opportunity to manage or prevent themselves from contracting diabetes.

He, among other things, Mr. Momoh added that Prevocate-Liberia Testing and Awareness Center has saved many lives due to its awareness campaign and free counseling program. At the end of the service over hundred persons were tested to know their status.