Liberia 2015 Marathon Launched

The third Liberia Marathon which is expected to take place on Sunday, November 8 has been launched.

The 2015 edition of the race was launched on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at the Monrovia City Hall with Honourable Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Minister of Youth and Sports, serving as Chief Launcher. The race is celebrated under the theme “A New Beginning.”

The event was marked by cultural and musical performances and remarks made by partners and sponsors of the Liberia Marathon.

Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe said he was touched by the story of last year’s winner, Joy Kollie who said she was stigmatized by reports in Monrovia that she had Ebola which according to her was false.

Minister Nagbe welcomed and hailed the organizers of the Liberia Marathon and also noted that Liberians fought hard to defeat Ebola.

He launched the 2015 race and later registered to participate in the event. He told reporters that Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will also register to participate in the event.

He said while athletes and other Liberians are getting prepared for the race, it is important for the entire country to remain vigilant and continue to observe those preventive measures against the deadly Ebola virus.

The launch was followed by registration, with non-Liberians paying US$45 for the half marathon (Freeport to SKD Sports Complex) and US$35 for the 10km (from JFK Hospital to SKD Sports Complex).

About the 2015 Marathon Race

The Liberia Marathon – A New Beginning

The 2015 Liberia Marathon will take place on Sunday, November 8.

Last year, Liberia was battling with the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease. This year, it is time for a fresh start, for a new beginning! This year’s race will be a celebration of resurgence, strength and commitment. The race is in memory of those who lost their lives and in dedication to those who survived.

The 2015 Liberia Marathon will maintain and institutionalize proven success factors, while adding new and innovative elements as drivers of progress. As professional running event, it offers free electronic chip-timing for all runners. Accurate times are guaranteed.

Free weekly trainings are organized in the run-up to race day. If beginner or experienced runner, under the guidance of the Liberian Athletic Federation trainer team, you will get yourself in perfect shape for the race. The training session will start in early August, with generous time to train for your personal dream time. All details in the “Training” section.

Running a long-distance race is a great physical challenge. Because of this, the organizers will be providing a variety of information on training and how to stay healthy during your preparations. Safety is the main concern, as Liberia is a hot, West African climate which makes it a challenging environment for any physical activity. It will collaborate with health care organisations and medical institutions to assure the best care for runners and volunteers alike during the preparation time and the actual race.