‘Friends Of Daniel Orrosco Brown’ Construct Bridge In Crab Comm.

Residents of the little community of ‘Crab Hole’ in Montserrado County District Fourteen have at long last sighed relief following the dedication on Friday, July 31, 2015 of a solid concrete bridge in the Community.

A local group, ‘Friends of Daniel Orrosco Brown” (FOB) said it constructed the once makeshift bridge out of love for the residents, who have for years yearned for such assistance.

At the well-attended dedicatory ceremony, FOB’s National Chairman, Haji Massaquoi said the group was especially inspired to undertake the project when a child slipped off the then makeshift bridge into drainage. The child was rescued unharmed. The FOB has also constructed three toilet facilities in what is known as Paul Village in the same Montserrado County District Fourteen.

“You have not seen anything yet, because there is a lot to be s en,” Honorable Daniel Orrosco Brown told the hundreds of community residents of Crab Hole community and Paul Village that attended the dedicatory ceremony Honorable Brown said his belief is that helping people, who are in dire need, is one of the best ways out of Liberia’s numerous social and economic problems.

The bridge and toilet projects are put at an estimated cost of five thousand and twenty United States Dollars. ‘I am concerned about people’s suffering. God does not bless people, who do not give helping hand to others in need/”Honorable Brown also remarked. He said the ‘Friends of Daniel Orrosco Brown, a group named in his honor, is not making any false impression by constructing the bridge and toilet facilities but noted that the initiative was a fulfillment of God’s will

Mr. Brown said his passion has always been service to humanity, mainly the needy in impoverished communities.

The FOB’s Chairman, Haji Massaquoi, had earlier disclosed plans by the Group to extend its magnanimity to the Gibraltar Community also on Bushrod Island. Meanwhile, the Crab Hole and Paul Village community residents have been challenged to protect and maintain the newly dedicated facilities as their own.