CICO Gives Back To Communities

China Chongqing International Construction Company (CICO) which won the bid to rehabilitate the Red Light-Gbarnga Road project says it remains committed to giving back to several of its project communities as part of its corporate social responsibility to the people of Liberia.

Mr. Liao Jinxing, Site Manager, recounted CICO’s involvement in the post war recovery and infrastructural development of Liberia and made specific reference to the rehabilitation of the widely publicized Kebbah Road which currently links Somalia Drive to several parts of rural Montserrado.

From what has been gathered, the Kebbah Road rehabilitation which was carried out by CICO using several load of milled asphalt and crushed rocks to help enhance to smooth movement of motorists and pedestrians, was completed prior to the heavy down pour of rain in recent weeks.

In making sure that the rehabilitation work was properly done, Mr. Liao indicated that the company dispatched around ten staffers including ‘Grader Operator and Supervisor along with several local workers, some of whom were Flagmen and security’.

Accordingly, the Kebbah Road rehabilitation exercise is being put at Twenty Thousand United States Dollars with mobilization of several heavy duty equipment including; Motor Grader, Road Roller, Loading Machine assisting with trailer trucks and Dump Trucks.

Not only has the Chinese owned company continue to showcase its professionalism and ability in road and bridge construction in the country but that CICO has also expressed its capacity to fully rehabilitate the Kebbah Road in the event where the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works enters a contractual agreement with the company for the construction of the road.

CICO says maintenance work including the filling of potholes, motor grilling of terrible places just from the Dry Rice Market to grant motorists and residents’ easy access to Somalia Drive and other parts of rural Montserrado, and that the company is on record for being up to the task when it comes to giving back to communities it operates in.

The gesture by CICO to carry out the rehabilitation exercise in that part of the country in dare need of road connectivity also afforded the opportunity to scores of residents in rural Montserrado who continue to use the Kebbeh Road as an alternative route.

CICO expressed thanks to residents of the area for the level of cordial working relationship the company has and continued to enjoy from residents of the area but expressed deep regrets that the condition of the road has over the past few weeks deteriorated due to torrential rainfall.

CICO, as a leading road construction company in Liberia respects all forms of human dignity and labor and will continue to respect the principle of fair play as had been demonstrated with all of its projects in the past. CICO remains steadfast and will continue to respect the laws of Liberia.

Even in the midst of the Ebola outbreak the company continued to operate full-scale as evident by its participation in the construction of a 100-bed ETU at the S.K. D. Sports Complex in Paynesville.

The Chinese owned company was a major contractor and was also instrumental in providing construction materials as well as overseeing site clearance, thereby helping the Government of Liberia and its international partners in kicking the Ebola virus out of Liberia.

Since the company started its operations in Liberia, CICO has and continues to impact the lives of Liberians as evident by the employment of scores of skilled and unskilled Liberians who have built their shattered lives following years of devastating war.