Theft At EU Delegation Premises

Four persons have been charged and forwarded to court for theft of property, criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation after being investigated by police in Monrovia.

The four private security guards allegedly stole 55 gallons of fuel valued at US$569.25 from the premises of the European Union delegation at Mamba Point.

The suspects, Jerry Kpoklah, is believed to be employed with Cola Sports-Pro Cleaners, Francis Ndebeh, Trust Guard Service, Inc, George Flomo, APEX Security Guard Service, Tom Yarkpozua, INSECOM, while Winston, INSECOM, is said to be at large.

Summary of the complaint filed with the police revealed that on Thursday, July 2, 2015, a security service contractor reported to personnel of Cola Sports –Pro Cleaners that a fuel theft had occurred in the generator room. Cola Sports –Pro Cleaners supply cleaning services to the EU.

The police charge sheet disclosed that during a hearing with the personnel of Cola Sports Pro- Cleaner, he admitted that he was caught with the stolen container of fuel and pointed accusing fingers at defendant Jerry Kpoklah, who openly apologized for his action of fuel theft.

Police said defendant Kpoklah averred that the fuel theft was an organized crime involving few personnel of the security service supplier, which has been going on for a long period of time.

A witness, Dopolous Tamba, who was invited by the police from Trust Guard Service, testified that Francis Ndebeh, Jefferson Kerkulah and Jimmie Quiah were assigned on third shift on July 1, 2015.

Witness Tamba testified that Jimmie Quiah and defendant Francis were assigned at various posts within the EU compound, while Jefferson Kerkulah was assigned in the communication room.

Witnesses Jefferson Kerkulah, Jimmie Quiah and Dopolous are part of the theft, but were only invited to testify on behalf of Trust Guard Service.

The police said the stealing came to light when Tamba, who is the night shift commander of Trust Guard Service, discovered that some fuel had been spilled on the floor from the generator room.