Churches Reject “Christian State” Proposal

By Morrison O.G. Sayon from Sinoe/Gd. Krru

The Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) has for the first time officially spoken on the proposed Christian State proposition saying that Liberia was never founded as a Christian State.

Representing the LCC when he delivered a special sermon at ceremony marking the Thanksgiving & Intercessory Worship Service in observance of Liberia’s 168th Independence Anniversary, Rev. Karpeh who is the Founder/President of and Senior Pastor of OASIS Life Center Church said Liberia was not founded to exclude anyone though the Declaration of Independence was signed in a Church.

Rev. Karpeh emphasized, “This country belongs to all Liberians; it was not founded as a Christian state; we do not need legislation to declare Liberia a Christian state; let us go back to our history and decide our own fate.”

The Man of God said the nation’s history must not be sacrificed for any other reason and called on Liberians to seriously trace their history.

At the same time, Rev. Karpeh has said that Liberians must celebrate their national identities rather than just celebrating their day of freedom.

Rev. Karpeh said as Liberia celebrates its 168th Independence Anniversary there is nothing that the country can show in terms of national identities. The man of God added that Liberia has no dress code to celebrate neither a national language to boast of celebrating on its Independence Day.

He called on Liberians to decide on a national language once and for all as a national identity. Rev. Karpeh said now is the time for Liberians to love their country and add value to their common patrimony.

“What do we have to celebrate as a nation? We have no national language, no national dress code,” said Rev. Karpeh. He called on Government to invest in the tourism industry to attract foreigners and investors as well.

To the Government officials, Rev. Karpeh questioned, “Where is your treasure; is your treasure in Liberia and that the country had reminded Liberians that only a good leadership can develop a nation?

On Development, Rev. Karpeh added that if power could develop a nation, then Liberia should’ve been since the first to develop. The Clergyman pointed out, “What develops a nation is a good leadership, sense of oneness builds a nation, nothing can happen in the absence of unity.” He added that Liberia would’ve been developed because the country has had 20 Presidents.

Rev. Karpeh, a son of Grand Kru County told Liberians, “We must accept, appreciate and respect our differences. He said Liberians have no excuse for not developing their country adding, “Because there are principles. When people are excluded nothing can happen in the country but if they are united development will go on.”