Feces Taking Over Waterside

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

Mechlin and Water Streets have been of serious environmental embarrassment to various residents as the areas are flooded with feces.   This was observed while taking a survey yesterday, as several Liberians and other foreign nationals were seen walking in feces after the country’s celebration of its 168 years of independence held in Greenville, Sinoe County on Monday.

In an interview with a resident of the Mechlin Street community, Madam FamataKanneh, said they have been walking in the feces for years so it has become something that is now part of their lives because they (residents) had called on the government on several occasions to remedy the situation but it seems all appeals had fallen on deaf ears, hence the residents have no alternative but to succumb to the unsanitary environment.

Madam Kanneh said the inhailing of feces seriously poses acute health hazard for all those who are residing on both streets including those who have stores who are paying taxes to sell in a suitable environment but this is not realized. Even passersby are affected by the pungent odor from the feces and any possible solution to this quagmire is farfetched.

She said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should have been the one to engage government’s institutions that are responsible for such. “Ebola has come and gone, so the bad odor from the feces should create another epidemic?, Madam Kanneh wondered.

Also speaking to one of the sellers, FrancessDahn, said their expectation of the Sirleaf’s led government was so high and all what they are now seeing is only 25 percent of what they (followers) expected.

Madam Dahn stated that there need to be urgency for this unfortunate precarious feces situation in the capital of the country because once the citizens are healthy they can have a better and healthy nation.

She said EPA must define its role as an agency that is responsible for the protection of every environment in and around the country.

“We are getting sick day after day; we need government’s intervention; we are going through hell; the government must see reason to make the country’s capital sanitary-free,” Madam Dahn intimated.