2 Notorious Armed Robbers Arrested

2 Notorious Armed Robbers Arrested

A notorious armed robber identified as Morris Kromah, ‘alias’ ‘Force To Score’ has been arrested and charged with the crimes of armed robbery and criminal conspiracy.   ‘Force to Score was arrested along with his alleged accomplice, Meco Cooper on Benson and Center Streets in central Monrovia, while ‘Shooter’, one of the alleged armed bandits escaped arrest.

A victim of the alleged armed robbery incident, Victor Dweh, who claimed to have sustained a loss of a bottle of liquor, money and some cell phones, told the police that he was attacked on July 18, 2015 at about 2:00hrs by ‘Force To Score’ and his men while returning from the home of Takon J Block, a popular Liberian musician.

Dweh explained to the police that upon his arrival at the junction of Lynch and Carey Streets, ‘Force To Score’ and his men surrounded him, well-armed with cutlasses, scissors and pliers, demanding that he should surrender all of his belongings, including his bottle of liquor, money and cell phones.

He narrated that defendant ‘Force To Score’ who was acting as Commander of the group, allegedly gave an order if he (victim) refuses to comply, they should play on him, meaning wound him severely.

The victim said upon giving the instruction by Commander ‘Force To Score’, Meco allegedly hit him with a cutlass on his left hand and later they fled the crime scene to an unknown destination.

Police said one of the alleged robbers, Meco admitted and told investigators that on the morning of July 18, he (Meco) met ‘Shooter’ and ‘Force To Score’ behind the old Ministry of National Defense on Benson street, where they planned to go and steal.

The accused confirmed that while on their way to go and steal, they came across the victim that night and robbed him of the items named.