Taking Cue From The President’s Statement

PRESIDENT ELLEN JOHNSON-SIRLEAF, speaking at Liberia’s 168th Independence Day celebration in Greenville, Sinoe County, has called on Liberians to resolve in their hearts to love their country, protect the country’s heritage and pledge anew to the true ideal of service to the nation.

THE LIBERIAN LEADER who was speaking yesterday stressed that as Liberians gathered to celebrate another year in our statehood, the 168th Independence Anniversary of the existence of the Nation; it is a celebration far different from that of the previous years.

THE PRESIDENT SAID as Liberians look back to the past years, to the true test of their faith and resilience to the challenges posed by an unknown enemy that the nation had never seen before noted that despite those trying times, the country and its development objectives have not faltered, and the fundamental principles of the Nation, dedicated to democracy, the rule of law, human freedom and individual dignity, were strengthened by citizens resolve to defeat the Ebola Virus Disease.

PRESIDENT SIRLEAF GAVE thanks to God Almighty for strengthening this resolve, and now asks that Liberians stand for one moment of silence to the memory of the precious lost lives of more than 4,800 of their fellow compatriots and prayed that God continues to strengthen and richly bless their families who the Liberian nation deeply console.

ALSO, THE 168TH Independence Day Orator, Ambassador Charles Minor, said despite the difficulties Liberians are going through they should remain optimistic. Ambassador Minor noted that despite difficulties, Liberians must thank God to have seen their country’s 168th Independence Day.

AS WE CELEBRATED the 168th Independence Day Anniversary, it is important that we take cue from the statement of the President of the nation relative to Liberians resolving in their heart to love their country and protect its heritage.

IF WE ARE to show love for the country and protecting its heritage; we will then continue to do those things that promote development agenda of the country and seriously put a stop to vices such as corruption, selfishness and animosity for one another.

LIKE IN THE word of the National Orator, Ambassador Charles Minor, with love for country, we should be optimistic that Liberia will one day meet the needs of its people and foster its development agenda.