Ellen Hails Governor Jones…For Completion Of New CBL Headquarters

“Credit for the achievement of today goes to Governor Mills Jones,” President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said yesterday when she spoke at the official dedication of the new edifice of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) in Monrovia. President Sirleaf commended CBL Executive Governor Dr. J. Mills Jones and his staff for their determination to have completed the new CBL Headquarters on Ashmun Street in Monrovia which was started by a previous government.

Addressing an array of dignitaries that gathered to witness the dedication of the new Central Bank Headquarters, President Sirleaf said, “We are here to participate in an historic milestone in the fulfillment of our steadfast efforts to transform the country.”

The Liberian leader further stated, “We continue to challenge those in public service and in the private sector that the development of our country depends on the vision, leadership and the participation of all.”

President Sirleaf who was flanked by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex Tyler on one side and Governor Mills Jones on the other said goals and targets could only be achieved when everyone plays their parts.

The President told Liberians that the well-being of the economy, the fulfillment of expectations come not to the pushing of a button but the way of a collective effort as a responsibility for all to promote the development agenda.

President Sirleaf in expressing her satisfaction noted that the new Central Bank Headquarters brings Liberia on par with Central Bank Headquarters in the West African Sub-region.

However, the President said as Liberia dedicates the new CBL headquarters, the rapid destruction of a historic structure, as a case languished in court due to the desire of a few greedy people, an apparent reference to the E. J. Building.

For his part, CBL Boss Dr. Mills Jones, expressed delight that the President could take time off her busy schedule to attend the ceremony, saying, “I am happy that you are here because you were the one pushing me every day to complete this building. You continue to ask me Mills, what happened to your building?”

Governor Jones said the day was an auspicious one for the CBL and the Liberian people, saying, “When we say that out of the ashes we can raise a nation; this is what we mean.”

“Come and see a modern structure standing tall. This means that all is possible for Liberia and I will say Liberia stay remain a land of possibilities. When we tell investors both domestic and foreign to come and invest in the Liberian economy, this is what we mean” Governor Jones said.

He noted that the impressive edifice was erected for the benefit of Liberians and the future of the country.

Governor Jones said, “When we say self-reliance is the future for sustained economic growth; this is what we mean with Liberia relying on its resources to build a Head headquarter of the Central Bank of Liberia.”

The CBL Governor whose tenure has improved the banking sector disclosed that as the building was being dedicated the country does not owe a cent for the effort.

Dr. Jones acknowledged the commitment of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to economic renewal and noted that poverty is not an individual thing but a national problem.

The building which contained eleven floors was constructed by CESAF Liberia as contractor and AEP as the consultant with Liberians and few Italians playing key role.