Veep Boakai Calls On Partners To Support Economic Recovery, Debt Waiver

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has told delegates attending the International Conference on Africa’s Fight against Ebola convening in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea that the long term response to ebola rests in plans and strategies for economic recovery and strengthening health care delivery services and support to a formulated subregional recovery Program to ensure that the MRU States return to stability and prosperity.

Vice President Boakai said the sub regional plan is focused on health, gender, youth development and social protection. Others are agriculture, trade private sector development, infrastructure and governance.

Vice President Boakai’s remarks were contained in a special statement delivered Tuesday at the International conference on Africa’s Fight against Ebola hosted by the African Union in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea according to a dispatch quoted by the Office of the Vice President.

‘Given our relatively small market size and large infrastructure deficit, we believe that a regional approach would achieve the best recovery results,” adding ‘this can only be achieved with the support of partners who will be willing to allocate resources to a home grown regional plan” Vice President Boakai went on to say.

Stressing further, Vice President Boakai pointed out that as a matter of urgency, the three leaders of the sub region have implored partners to join in supporting the plan to ensure that the goals and targets are achieved within a two year period of implementation. He noted that the indicative cost of bringing the sub region into full recovery is 8 billion dollars of which 4 billion will focused on building a sub-regional recovery program within a two year period and called on African Leaders to lend their support to this variant of Marshall plan- a recovery plan for Europe after world war two.

For Liberia, the Vice President said, ‘we have formulated a six year investment plan for building a resilient health System from 2015 to 2021.

Vice President Boakai join the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union for relief from external debt burden of the three affected countries alongside the Marshall Plan.

Vice President Boakai and delegation will return to the Capitol Thursday following a successful representation of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Government and people of Liberia at the conference, a release from the Office of the Vice President said.