US$20,000 Theft At Cheaitou Brothers…Accused Released On Bail

A man has been arrested and charged with a US$20,153 and L$971,000 theft of property, burglary and criminal mischief at the Cheaitou Brothers Inc, in Sayon Town, Bushrod Island. The Cheaitou Brothers Inc. deals mainly in the fishery industry.Mr. Mohammed J. Sonii, who claimed to be the Chief Financial officer of Cheaitou Brothers, told the police that his company was allegedly burglarized by defendant Wleh Toe, resident of lower Virginia.

He said the alleged crime was committed during the night of Sunday, June 28, 2015 when they were out of the place.

Mr. Sonii told the police only the security guards, Henry AdamaFahnbulleh, was on assignment at the company premises when the theft occurred.

Police said defendant Toe, who was invited as a prime suspect for an investigation waived his constitutional rights and voluntarily provided some statements about the burglary.

He narrated that sometimes last year, 2014, two of his friends, Henry AdamaFahbulleh and Ogbofie, a Nigerian national allegedly called him at King Burger at the Freeport, where they met in the center of the street and held a short conversation to carry out operation/stealing at the Cheaitou Brothers.

Defendant Toe told the police that during their discussion, he asked Fahnbulleh and Ogbofie to include his brother, identified as only Papa in the operations, but they refused to have him onboard.

He explained to the police that day, Ogbofie, who said to be at large, gave US$5.00 as his (Toe) transportation.

The accused said Ogbofie called at a later date and provided him with US$60.00 to purchase some Yale’s locks, when they met opposite the Freeport of Monrovia and he executed the order.

Police investigation established that defendant Fahnbulleh denied ever meeting Ogbofie again, until June 30, 2015; an unknown person called him, informing him for them to meet at Duala and was given a black plastic bag containing L$20,000.