Making Use Of The Fruit Of The Tree

YESTERDAY, WHILE EULOGIZING fallen Muslim Cleric, Sheikh KafumbaKonneh, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf described the late scholar as a giant tree that has fallen.

THE LIBERIAN LEADER said, “When a giant tree falls in the forest, its falling impacts other trees of that forest. President Sirleaf who along with senior Government officials as well as political leaders in the country attended the homegoing celebration of Sheikh KafumbaKonneh yesterday described the late Sheikh as a great statesman whose passing symbolizes the falling of a giant tree in the forest.

MADAM SIRLEAF SAID Sheikh Konneh was a distinguished Liberian who will be remembered as a messenger of peace and inter-religious religious tolerance during his entire life. “He was a prominent voice in Islam. He was just not an Islamic Preacher, but a politician, scholar, lawyer, and also a judge,” President Sirleaf said in sorrowful tone.

“TODAY, HE IS no more, but we will remember him; he will live on in our memories for his fearlessness, courage, religious conviction and his principle. When conflicts raged he stood as an outstanding patronage in the search for lasting peace. His passing is a great loss as we strive to consolidate peace in the country,” the Liberian Chief Executive said.

WHILE OTHER STATESMEN including the former President of the Interim Government of National Unity (IGNU), Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, the Inter-religious Council of Liberia, the Muslim Council and the Liberia Council of Churches also described the late Cleric as a true patriot, a man of God, religious scholar, a courageous peacemaker, a hero, a true friend and a true Liberian.

FOR US, THE late Muslim Cleric was a champion of peace, a promoter of religious tolerance and a man of great courage in times of trouble. Sheikh Konneh’s only quest while alive was to ensure that peace and religious tolerance be the order of the day. He will always be remembered for his role in resolving the nearly 14 years of civil conflict that devastated every fabric of the Liberian society.

NOW THAT THIS great peacemaker is gone let us as Liberians, whether Muslims or Christians emulate those good examples of our fallen father. Let us make use of the fruits from that GREAT GIANT TREE that has fallen.

LIBERIANS MUST ENSURE that his legacy remains; that is by following his venture which includes peacemaking, patriotism, nationalism, service to Allah (God) and co-existence as one people with a single patrimony, Liberia.

INDEED HE HAS played his part very well, he is no more but his memory will forever live on, as this can only be done if we make use of the fruits he abundantly provided while still alive.