“Liberia Must Not Squander This Opportunity”…Says Kofi Woods

Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods, II has urged the Liberian Government to ensure that the People of Liberia benefit from the enormous good will offered by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.   Atty. Woods who was speaking during the recent visit of, Ms. LilianePoulmen, Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, recalled his numerous visits to the Netherlands over the years when he campaigned for Dutch support to assist in the national recovery efforts of the country. He praised the Dutch Government and the European Union for its numerous assistance during the Ebola Crisis.

“This visit validates and confirms our commitment to assist our country but also that our best effort is tested in private and not just public life” Woods maintained.

Liberia can learn and share a lot with the Dutch People. We can benefit from their vast knowledge and experience with water resource management to help exploit our vast waterways and improve urban planning, our swamp and wetlands; The reactivation of the scholarship program must be linked to both current and future development needs rather than subjected to patronage. We must help our local businesses access European Markets by supporting efforts to improve quality and packaging of local products especially with female entrepreneurs.

Netherlands is also ideally suited to aid in the improvement of agricultural education, building agricultural credits and re-developing agricultural markets. Furthermore, lucrative production chains such as cashews and cocoa offer an interesting opportunity for Dutch businesses to aid in the reconstruction of our country.

Woods also maintained that increased investment in education is key to ending poverty, promoting democracy and building Liberia’s Human Resource Capacity.

It can be recalled that Attorney Woods who is also Good will Ambassador of Save the Children-Holland visited the Netherlands on several occasions and addressed the Dutch Parliament urging them to do more than just provide emergency aid in order to put an end to the Ebola crisis in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. “The Dutch government will also have to contribute to the health care systems and economic development of these three countries, he insisted.

Woods who studied in the Netherlands where he spent few years in Exile during the regime of Mr. Charles Taylor urged the two governments to accelerate these initiatives for Liberians to begin to benefit from the promises of this visit. He recommends that a mechanism be established to guarantee sustained follow up and programs.

Finally, he expressed his appreciation to the Minister, the Dutch Parliament, several NGOs based in the Netherlands for their support.