Fire Hits Kru Town Again

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Over twenty persons were made homeless Tuesday evening in the Borough of New Kru Town when fire gutted three houses, leaving properties damaged worth thousands of United States dollars.     Eye witnesses told this paper that the fire incident was caused by a Fula woman who was cooking in the house.

They alleged that after the Fula woman had finished cooking her food, she did not quench the fire and went to a Mosque to breakfast, and in her absence, the fire caught a combustible material and was set ablaze thereby causing other two houses to burn in the community.

According to eye witnesses; while those houses were in blaze, criminals including some individuals were seen vandalizing the fire victims’ properties away.

One of the fire victims, Ricky Ross, told this paper that there is a need that the Government of Liberia (GOL) addresses the fire incident in the community because it is causing an embarrassment in New Kru Town.

“My brother, just imagine that all my things got burnt in the house and right now I do not have anything and I am thinking about where to get money and start life anew because all of my things burnt, ”Ross lamented.

Another fire victim, Tanneh, said while the house was ablaze, some unknown persons entered her room and took away her huge business money she had amassed over the years.

“All my things got burnt. I do not have anything for myself right now; only my friend gave me clothes to wear and I am thinking as to whether my children will go to school because my belongings were burnt to ashes because they could not be salvaged ,”Tanneh expressed frustration.

Tanneh is calling on the Government of Liberia (GOL), International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International Partners, Civil Society Organizations and philanthropists for assistance to enable her restart her business.

This week, it was reported that two persons were killed in a fire incident.