Man Duped Of Over US$6,000

Police in Monrovia have forwarded three persons to court at the Temple of Justice for allegedly duping a man of over US$6,000.

The suspects, Alex Toh, S. Govina Lacto and Raymond Saah have been charged with the crimes of Theft of Property, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Facilitation and Counterfeiting.

Details of the police charge sheet revealed that on Saturday, July 4, 2015, a team of detectives led by C. Alvin James proceeded to 9th Street in Sinkor and arrested the three defendants with a black suitcase containing some counterfeit US notes as well as several GSM SIM cards.

Police confirmed that the arrest of the suspects was based on a complaint filed against them by one Oliver D. Gardiner, who claimed to have sustained a loss of over US$6,000.

Complainant Gardiner explained to the police that in late June 2015, he received a call on cell number 0886241919 from a gentleman purporting to be Patrick.

Mr. Gardiner told criminal investigators that defendant Patrick claimed that he was an employee of Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO), situated in Grand Bassa County.

Police said the complainant alleged that during their conversation defendant Patrick told him that his company was in search of anti-bug medicine used to kill insects on plants.

The complainant explained that during their discussion, Patrick informed him that Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) was buying the anti-bug medicine at a rate of US$4,800 for a box/carton, containing 12 packages.

He said Patrick later provided a cell phone number 0886847288 as a contact number for one Dixon to be identified, who could sell the anti-bug medicine at a rate of US$3,000 per carton.

Interestingly, Mr. Gardiner said when he contacted Dixon, he (Dixon) confirmed that he was selling the anti-bug medicine and instructed him to meet a gentleman named Peter at Bardnersville Junction.

He narrated that upon meeting with Peter; he (Peter) sold a carton containing some 12 packs of anti-bug medicine, which was sealed up in a small plastic for US$3,250 to him.

The complainant told the police that Patrick later called him and connected him with SivanesanIdrian, a representative of EPO, who instructed him to take the goods at Alagoon, located at Congo Town Back Road.

However, Mr. Gardiner said when he took the medicine to Idrian, he confirmed that the good was the rightful one, but encouraged him to buy more with the understanding that one Major Danjuma Yusuf of the United Nations Mission in Liberia would pay for it.

He alleged that the defendants coerced him that he was out of money and had to pawn his grey colored 4Runner Jeep marked PC-33307 for US$2,000 which was turned over to SivanesanIdrian (Alex Toh ).

The investigation established that the defendants admitted to the crimes.