Let’s strengthen The Fight Against Ebola

The Ministry of Health through the Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Francis Ketter, yesterday disclosed that sixteen people are currently quarantined in the A.B. Tolbert community in Paynesville, following the death of an Ebola patient.

Doctor Ketter said the latest Ebola patient from A. B. Tolbert Road is in connection with the recent case involving the seventeen-year old boy who died in Margibi County noting that there are four confirmed cases of Ebola patients that are currently in the ETU.

The Chief Medical, Dr. Ketter said though the virus has extended to Montserrado, there is no need for people to panic on grounds that the Ministry of Health is doing all it could to contain the situation in order to avoid the recurrence of what happened in 2014 when the virus took away the lives of over 4000 people.

“We now have the expertise and we are also well equipped to handle the current situation so there’s no need for panic. All you have to do is to inform our team whenever you have information on any suspected Ebola case,” Dr. Ketter said.

The Chief Medical Officer added that in order to curtail the spread of the virus, those who are considered contacts or suspects should remain where they are being monitored and also try to be open to health workers when they start to experience some signs of the virus.

He pointed out that to win the fight against Ebola the Ministry of Health needs the collaboration of everybody especially those who are quarantined and urged people to be free in talking to the health team when someone has head ache or other signs of the virus so that they can be treated on time.

He also disclosed that the ministry is presently monitoring one hundred and twenty-four people in Margibi County who might have been in contact with the seventeen-year old boy who died of the Ebola virus.

With these disclosures there is the urgent need for Liberians to galvanize efforts aimed at fighting the disease which was once defeated in the country to the delight of the international community. While we agree that health workers and county health teams be on the alert to ensure that the virus is contained, it must now be the collective efforts of all to further push the fight against the remorseless, demonic cankerworm disease.

Liberians and residents alike must again strengthen their resolve in fighting the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by seriously continuing the adherence to all the necessary Ebola preventive measures given by the Ministry of Health and its partners in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Let’s avoid treating sick people without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), avoid hand shakes; do not touch dead bodies and avoid eating bush meat but most especially, stop denial which is a specimen for complacency, a situation that can lead to speedy spread of the virus. It is about time for Liberians and residents alike to return to the battle field and defeat this virus once and for all without any future casualties.