GAC Yet To Allay Auditors’ Fear…Administers Test For “Placement”

John Morlu’s employment scheme which rated the General Auditing Commission (GAC) of having the highest employment is receiving lashes as many persons have been thrown out of the entity for diverse reasons among which were the 200 dismissed employees whose fate was left in limbo during the tenure of Mr. Robert Kilby.

This is becoming almost a precedence that every new Auditor General (AG)of the GAC comes with his/her own downsizing strategy and so it is with Madam Y. Gaye’s administration which is seen as now targeting auditors.

The former A.G. Kilby who was dismissed for conflict of interest faced difficulty at his confirmation hearing on the basis that he lacked the requisite credentials but when he was later confirmed, he laid off 200 employees for what he termed as ‘lack of sufficient’ funds and was brave to award his IT firm a government contract.

Now since the ascendency of Madam Gaye, she has not related to employees and of late her administration has become defiant on providing any explanation to both employees and the public on reasons for which it has decided to administer placement exams to auditors alone.

Madam Gaye’s long rumored academic roll-out decision took effect yesterday in Monrovia when a troop of well-dressed auditors assembled in a congested hall amidst the heavy downpour of rain to take what their management termed ‘audit staff placement examination.’

The examination which took place in the auditorium of the College of West Africa (CWA), copies which are in the possession of this paper, covered multiple choice, analysis-bank reconciliation and essay with a bonus for providing explanations on the old and new GAC Act.

Even though the faces of the employees showed dissatisfaction that the relationship between auditors and management had become increasingly uncomfortable, the hall was jammed packed that the examiners could not distinguish employees from the university students because examination papers were distributed to everyone including those in the hallway.

The examiners accompanied by an European Union (EU) representative attempted to encourage the auditors to sit the test noting that it was only intended to discover gaps but the auditors grumblingly dismissed the action which made the EU representative to leave before the test even began.

However, most of the auditors who sat the test are convinced that it is intended to evaluate their qualifications and if possible drop some of them and secure the lucrative positions for females who the management favors.

Although it is still a rumor that the management had earlier informed its staff that the GAC is overstaffed, the management through its communications office when contacted said, “from the GAC management, no comment.”

Last Friday, the news of the test emerged which made many employees afraid and were expressing fear of being targeted for possible dismissal. “Some of us came from Kenya, China, America and other countries for training; many of us here are qualified so, why are they administering test to us again?” a female employee of the GAC wondered.

GAC is one of the government’s institutions that has trained several staff under the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration. Most of them were trained abroad including China, Kenya, the United States and other countries to build their capacity in order to better understand the mandate of the GAC and other functions of the institution in executing their respective duties.