Fire Kills Two InKru Town

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Yesterday morning was a scene of sorrow and tears following the death of two persons in a tailoring shop near the New Kru Town Magisterial Court.

The men identified as Wowo Alphonso and Joseph Forgba met their untimely death when fire gutted the tailoring shop in which they were sleeping.

There have been different accounts of the cause of the fire and what also led to the death of the two individuals.

One account said the two men were drunk in the tailoring shop, while other account said they had some cigarettes which it is believed may have caused the fire in the shop.

The owner of the Tailoring Shop, Mr. Richard Flomo told this paper that Saturday morning he went to work in VOA, Brewerville, but returned home at 8:00 p.m. He said, “While asleep in my house, at 12:00 a.m. some community dwellers went to me and started banging on the doors, shouting and telling me to wake up from bed because my tailoring.